In a world gone wrong, what will you do to survive?

Climate crisis, melting glaciers, and extreme weather events. Rising inequality, hyper-inflated urban rents, and decreasing job security in a gig-based economy. Refugee crises, screen addiction and increasing mental health issues. This is our world. Feels a bit overwhelming sometimes, huh.

So you got your resuable coffee cup, public transit pass and composting bin. A bag of cloth bags that you often forget to use. Little plant babies on your windowsill, you host clothing swaps and potlucks and follow zero waste blogs. This year, you’re having a staycation because you feel guilty about air travel.

There’s only so much one person can do to save the world. You can however, save yourself.

Get ready, get prepped, AND GET RIPPED 4 THE APOCALYPSE!

A workout series like no other! Each episode will feature an apocalypse expert and a tailored workout by a real certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach! Learn how to prepare your mind and body for disasters as well as tips on harvesting food, creating shelter, purifying water, and navigating conflict.

Flex, lift, and punch your way to a better future! Research shows that group fitness decreases depression more than a solitary workout. We have a team of underemployed graduate student researchers backing up our every move with peer-reviewed data.

If you are interested in working out, prepping, funding, screenings and more please email Amelia Merhar at